outReach & benefits

Our origins are deeply rooted in the realm of immersive storytelling, but our mission reaches far beyond. So while the VR component is primarily a narrative-driven experience, appealing to those interested in immersive storytelling and artistic expression, the MR component focuses more on education and an appreciation of the science behind climate change.

  • We want to combat climate fatigue and re-invigorate a broad demographic, from students and educators to environmentally conscious individuals and policy makers.
  • We aim to kindle the collective sense of responsibility necessary to affect positive change.

    • We intend to challenge preconceptions about climate change outcomes and inspire proactive engagement in addressing this global challenge together.

    Educational Impact

    By harnessing the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), we aim to reach students, educators, and lifelong learners. The immersive and interactive nature of our experiences will enhance learning outcomes, making complex subjects, such as climate change, more accessible and engaging.


    Community Building

    Our AR app is designed to foster online communities of like-minded individuals passionate about environmental issues. Through shared knowledge and experiences, these communities will evolve into hubs of activism, driving awareness and action on climate-related challenges.


    Global Reach

    Leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram for AR deployment will enable us to reach a global audience. We anticipate expanding our project to include other cities, thereby extending its impact and relevance to diverse geographic regions.


    Empowering Individuals

    The interactive and educational elements of our AR app empower users to become proactive agents of change. By challenging preconceptions and providing a sense of hope, we motivate individuals to address environmental challenges in meaningful ways.



    Our commitment to inclusive design ensures that individuals with disabilities, limited mobility, or visual impairments can access and engage with our AR app. This commitment reflects our ethos of accessibility and inclusivity.


    Inspiration for Action

     By offering an alternative to text-heavy or monotonous educational tools, we inspire users to proactively engage with climate-related issues. The visually compelling content and engaging experiences are designed to motivate action and combat climate fatigue.


    Technological Innovation

    Our project pushes the boundaries of AR and VR technology. We aim to set new standards for the use of these technologies in education and advocacy, paving the way for future innovations in the field.


    Cross-Platform Integration

    Exploring AR-friendly platforms like TikTok and Instagram enhances our project’s versatility and outreach potential. These platforms provide opportunities for seamless integration, further amplifying our reach.