conclusions & expectations

In conclusion, our project represents a holistic endeavour that fuses cutting-edge technology, immersive storytelling, and a commitment to addressing critical issues. Phase one of our research and development process into the VR experience, ‘The Departure Lounge,’ is now complete, demonstrating proof of concept. This milestone has provided invaluable insights and laid the foundation for the next phase.

Phase two of our project involves further development of ‘The Departure Lounge’ VR experience, building upon the knowledge gained from our research. Additionally, this phase marks the commencement of our exploration into the AR component, which we envision as a symbiotic counterpart to the VR experience.

Securing funding for phase two is essential, as it enables us to refine our ideas for AR and deepen the interplay between the two technologies. We anticipate that this collaborative synergy between VR and AR will enhance our project’s overall impact.

Our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility ensures that our creations are accessible to diverse audiences. We are driven by the belief that technology can be a catalyst for meaningful change, and our innovative use of VR and AR underscores this commitment.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that our project will continue to evolve. We are actively researching and developing both components, seeking to refine the user experience and expand our reach. The AR app, in particular, holds promise as a dynamic educational tool, and we are excited about its potential to inspire proactive engagement with climate-related issues.

Overall, our project is an ambitious endeavour that marries artistic expression with educational value. We aspire to create a lasting impact by raising awareness, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals to take action in the face of climate challenges. As we move forward, we hold high expectations for the continued growth and positive influence of our VR and AR initiatives.