the eXpeRience

the VR experience:

The Departure Lounge VR experience is accessible through a VR headset designed for standard room scale, allowing physical movement within a small play area. Users can engage with the experience while standing or sitting, with real-time avatar height adjustment for enhanced comfort.

It’s important to note that The Departure Lounge is a single-user experience, focusing on onsite engagement without interaction with other players within the virtual environment.

  • Emotive Narrative:The VR experience immerses users in a compelling narrative, enabling them to emotionally connect with the post-global warming world.
  • Interactive Elements:The level of interactivity is determined by project budget and objectives. Users may have opportunities to interact with elements within the environment, adding depth to their engagement.
  • Realism:The VR environment is designed for realism, providing an authentic sense of presence within the post-human world.

the MR experience:

Players then move from the single-player narrative VR experience to the MR component, where they discover a shared capacity to combat climate change. It’s a shift from witnessing the dystopian future presented previously, to a collaborative interactive experience that empowers users to change course towards a more sustainable future.

Unlike the previous experience, the MR component is a multi-player experience and hugely interactive. It offers agency over our apparent destiny, by providing tools to shape our future for the better. By working together, players can phase out fossil fuels, instigate re-wilding programmes, cancel world debt, etc. and see in real-time how the planet may recover.

  • Interactivity: By pulling a series of levers with a significant impact on climate change, players work together to bring down projected sea levels, promote biodiversity and create a future in their own image.
  • State-of-the-Art AR Technology: The MR component combines a range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver an awe-inspiring mixed-reality experience across a range of natural and urban environments.
  • Smooth Transition from VR to MR: The aesthetic established in the previous VR experience is continued here, weaving a continuous visual and thematic thread that unifies both components. The MR experience effectively picks up where the VR left off with players using the same headset for both (e.g. Quest 3).
Accessibility is a core principle in our development process, driven by one of our creative directors who has a disability. We prioritize inclusive design, making efforts to accommodate individuals with limited mobility and simplify handset interactions. Specific accessibility features include:
  • Enhanced Mobility: The VR experience is designed to accommodate users with limited mobility, allowing them to enjoy the experience comfortably.
  • Visually Impaired Accessibility: Considerations for audio cues and descriptions are in place to ensure that visually impaired users can fully engage with and enjoy the VR environment.