vision statement

The sacrifices needed to tackle climate change are as nothing compared to the prize of a shared future. It’s a prize within our grasp, but a combination of fatalism, indifference and climate fatigue threatens to derail our efforts. Since the dawn of time we’ve been telling stories. Tragedies, comedies, stories that intoxicate and invigorate, stories of doom and stories of hope. Technological change has ensured that the power of speech is no longer the last word in immersive media. We have the tools to do so much more. Our mission is to use this powerful medium to tell stories so compelling that indifference is unthinkable, complacency impossible. Then, by handing these tools over to our audience and giving them the agency to re-write the ending in their own image, we will be restoring agency, encouraging participation and promoting tangible change.

By plunging users into a future version of their own immediate environment, we will provoke a truly visceral appreciation of the impact of climate change. The VR experience will be a visceral experience of the environmental challenge we face, demanding viewers to reflect on the profound consequences of inaction. Then, the subsequent AR component will embolden them to recognise that combatting climate change is within our power. By intertwining these elements, we are creating a unique and engaging learning experience that is entertaining, educational and empowering.

Through this powerful medium, we aim to:

  • Raise Environmental Awareness
  • Restore Agency
  • Bridge Art and Science
  • Connect the Past and Present
  • Stimulate Reflection and Empathy
  • Encourage Environmental Responsibility

ouR vision