the TeaM

We are a loose artistic collective with diverse expertise, encompassing creative direction, animation, directing, sound design and contemporary thinking in VR practice and immersive art.

Dr. Ana-Despina Tudor

Dr. Ana-Despina Tudor


Ana is Course Leader for MA Virtual Reality at University of the Arts London. She holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and media psychology with a specialism in VR narrative and XR cross-platform design. She is currently producing a NESTA-funded VR piece on Bystander Training in VR and has recently founded the XR company Perfect Tense as a hub for the production of this and other immersive experiences.

Klaus Fried

Klaus Fried

Creative Director

Klaus is an award-winning writer/director producing documentary, fiction, commercial and gallery-based work. His academic portfolio is similarly broad, delivering across Film, TV, Moving Image and Digital Arts programmes at UAL. Klaus recently founded Perfect Tense with Ana and is currently in post on an Austro-German feature documentary. 

Luke Losey

Luke Losey

Creative Director

Award-winning London-based visual artist, film director, immersive experience creator, and lighting designer. Luke’s career spans both the visual and commercial arts. Emerging from the 90’s UK underground rave and free festival circuits, where he acquired hands-on skills in visual storytelling. His credits include show and content design for fashion events and bands, directing TVCs, music videos, and animations for clients like Mulberry. He has created immersive experiences for Nokia and Ralph Lauren, with his portfolio featuring personal installation and film works. Luke co-founded Perfect Tense with Ana and Klaus.

Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison

Sound Designer

Tim Harrison is an award-winning sound designer whose work spans film, TV and interactive media. He is the Founder and Director of Aumeta, an audio production company whose credits include Black Mirror, Censor and Flux Gourmet. Tim has been involved with the Departure Lounge from conception and completes the quartet of key creative leads behind the project.

Paul Harter

Digital Toolmaker

Paul is a programmer and systems architect, specialising in real-time 2D and 3D graphics, distributed systems and collaborative tools. Founder and director of Glow In The Dark, he designs and produces a range of digital tools from 3D printing for Minecraft to mobile tools for the BBC.

Paul Hartnoll


Paul Hartnoll is a celebrated composer for film, TV and the gaming industry, whose credits include Peaky Blinders, Event Horizon and Johnny Mneumonic. He’s worked with collaborators from Steven Hawking to PJ Harvey. He is renowned for his pioneering work as one-half of the cult British band Orbital, who performed at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony and were the first electronic outfit to headline at Glastonbury.

Prof Andy Hudson-Smith

Professor of Digital Urban Systems at UCL

Andrew is Director of The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London. He is a Professor of Digital Urban Systems, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal.

Dr. Valerio Signorelli

Lecturer in Connected Environments (Virtual)

Valerio lectures in connected environments at CASA (UCL). He holds an MSc in Architecture and Urban Design, a PhD in Territorial Design and Government (DAStU) at the Politecnico di Milano.

Alex Green

Illustrator / Concept Artist

Alex is a celebrated illustrator who combines hand drawing, collage and digital techniques. His work spans editorial, design, fashion and advertising industries, and includes live events and mural commissions. This is his first venture into the digital interactive arts.

Pau Ros

Web and Graphic Design

With a professional background in photography and video, Pau expanded his practice towards Visual Communications, including graphics, web design and artistic installations. Pau is an AL at LCC (UAB) and cofounder of Completely Naked, an artistic partnership that created interactive visual and life art installations.